Polished Concrete Sytems

The popularity of polished concrete has grown significantly in recent years with a variety of systems available to consumers.

From a simple grind & seal application to a premium 3000 grit high-end finish.

Polishing Process

This system is carried out using various grit diamonds, involving up to nine cuts to achieve a 3000 grit premium high-end finish.

All concrete slabs are different, and depending on the concrete placement appearances may vary. The level of stone/aggregate exposure and its consistency for the most part is determined by the concrete and its installation. Our grinding techniques can and will vary to accommodate the concrete, however there are sometimes limits to what can be achieved.

Grind & Seal system

This system is a more cost-effective process that still allows for the polished concrete look, highly recommended for commercial spaces, retail outlets, homes and garage floors.

It is easy to clean with a durable finish.

Epoxy Flooring Surface preparation is essential and crucial to creating a good bond between any coating and substrate.

The preparation is usually carried out via diamond grinding using various #grit industrial grade diamonds, to prepare for the application of a flooring system.